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Judy Ann Santos: Pinay Movie Actress Issues

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Judy Ann Santos Wedding Still Unclear

After revealing their engagement on the YES Magazine last 2008, showbiz couple award-winning Judy Ann Santos and actor-host Ryan Agoncillo still don’t have definite time when they gonna tie their knot after a of four years relationship. There are rumors came out that they already secretly married last year, but this report was vehemently denied by the showbiz sweethearts.

Juday and Ryan still making all things in proper, they are not in hurry to settle down and according to the actress she wants to build their own house before they will finally take their bows. As of the moment Juday is very busy with her some showbiz commitments especially with her mother station, while the actor is also doing projects with the same station. Ryan is now having two programs; “The Pinoy Fear Factor” and “Pieta” while the actress projects’ still in progress.

Judy Ann Santos pregnancy issue

After her scandal issue regarding the Infomercial with Meralco, another controversy is now being linked to the Pinay actress Judy Ann Santos, this time regarding her status after the marriage proposal of her long time showbiz boyfriend Ryan Agoncillo. There are reports spreading over the newspapers and net that the said Filipina celebrity was pregnant right now, that is why she accepted the wedding proposal of her partner.

In an ambush interview to the actress after they came back trip from Paris for the Paris Film Festival which included her produced Philippine movie “Ploning” she denied all this matters and accusation against her and boyfriend. According to her she is not yet ready but they are planning all those things involving their personal life as a husband and wife so that everything will go smoothly including to have a children in the near future, and she loved very much Ryan Agoncillo and that’s the reason why she accepted the proposal and not the issue being link to her, she closes.

Judy Ann Santos engaged with Ryan Agoncillo

After being drag in the controversial scandal of her Infomercial with the Meralco, pinay drama actress Judy Ann Santos is now once again got the spotlight, well, not in a controversial matter but for this greatest moment on her life. It was reported that the said pinay celebrity revealed to the YES Magazine that her long time boyfriend pinoy actor Ryan Agoncillo already proposed her for a wedding. The said special occasion took place during the 30th birthday celebration of Judy that was held at Antulang Beach Resort in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. This event was witnessed by friends of the showbiz couple who reportedly cried because of the great moment that time and they confirm that Ryan give Judy Ann a diamond engagement ring costing over a million.

In spite of the wedding proposal many questions were brought out if when will be the wedding gonna happen but both celebrity didn’t give exact date and instead they told reporters to wait for that moment.

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